All SMA personnel are accredited by IATA under the DG Regulations adopted by the Council of ICAO.



UN approved materials and labels are required to ensure compliancy prior to departure.



Fully signed and authorised declarations must accompany your shipment which SMA can produce.



The majority of medical shipments and research samples are sent on Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen which we are also able to provide.

Fully Certified Staff under CAA

When you open an Account with SMA Worldwide Ltd and we are aware you have a DG requirement, we will allocate a DG specialist as your point of contact in addition to your dedicated Customer Service Team.

The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are based on the requirements of Annex 18 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, adopted by the Council of ICAO and published by ICAO. All SMA DG personnel are accredited by IATA/ICAO.

Complete DG Documentation and Declarations

Further to the above, fully signed declarations (which must be completed by a DG certified person) are required, which we can also raise on your behalf. If the goods are in Excepted Quantities, they do not require a declaration, in which case we can provide the relevant labelling.

Provision of Dry Ice and Dry Shipper

The majority of medical shipments and research samples are sent on dry ice (solidified CO2) or dry shipper (liquid nitrogen). In addition to being able to provide these to you, even on a Same Day service, we can also provide the relevant packaging, in the form of either SMA branded polystyrene boxes for the former or Cryo-chambers for the latter. We can also advise on the regulations covering the nature of the hazard inside the Dry Ice.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Every single Account with SMA Worldwide is allocated a dedicated customer service manager along with a team that works on the proviso that your consignments are constantly being monitored at all times throughout the day and that you have one direct point of contact with whom you can correspond.

Professional UN Approved DG Packing and Labelling

With all classes of Dangerous Goods, it is a legal requirement to ensure they are packaged professionally and using UN approved materials and labels. Upon receipt of an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), we can package and label your DG shipments to ensure they are fit for transport.

Transport of All Classes* of Dangerous Goods

Classes 1 through to 9 can all be carried by SMA Worldwide Ltd

*dependant on final destination

*classes 1 and 7 require prior notice due to strict airline regulations

In Transit Dry Ice top up and Level inspection

For certain destinations our offices can provide a dry ice top up or level inspection service to ensure your samples maintain their integrity right up to final delivery. Please check with your dedicated customer service team prior to shipping to ensure this service is available for the destination you are sending to.

Automated POD Emails

As with all your consignments on any of our service options, if you have an Account set up with us, you will receive automated and immediate emails to advise you of the POD (proof of delivery).

Dedicated Online Tracking

When an Account is set up with SMA Worldwide, you will be sent a Username and Password for your online login to place bookings and view your Dedicated Online Tracking pages 24/7/365.

SMA Worldwide are able to offer clients a highly attractive and alternative solution to their Courier and Logistic needs. Our service streams cover every requirement from documents and small parcels to heavy freight, from Aruba to Zambia and everything in between.

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