Collect, sort and process your mail ready for delivery to IMC



Secured Sort Service for sends of 4,000+ mail items per day



Mail sortation, screening, franking, mailshots and fulfilment



Specialist printing and even address spraying with indicia for your convenience

Downstream Access Mail (DSA)

Since the market de-regulated in 2004, we have been able to carry Second Class mail at wholesale rates which are set by Royal Mail’s Wholesale division. These rates are the same for all providers. We visit 67 Inward Mail Centres (IMCs) on a daily basis.

We collect, sort and process your mail ready for delivery to an IMC and then onward delivery for the last mile by Royal Mail. Depending on the service selected, the time between collection and delivery will vary.

All of our services are day definite and once your mailings are handed over to Royal Mail to be processed, more than 95% of items injected are delivered next day.

NEW SERVICE: we can now handle blank envelopes (no indicia) as we have identified this gap in the market. Please call us to discuss your requirement.

Pick/Pack and Fulfilment Services

Your printers can send us your different manuals, prospectuses, literature, samples or similar, and you simply provide us with an Excel sheet detailing delivery address and items required, and from this, SMA can:

Produce address labels

Produce return address labels

Source correct size envelopes/packaging

Pick required items and pack them for mailing

Sort and process for DSA into Royal Mail or for Global Mailing

National/Zone profiled Mail

The Secured Sort Service suits fulfilment houses or any organisations that post 4,000 or more items in one day – high volume national/zone profiled mail.

The Secured Unsort Service is available to those who post fewer than 4,000 items per day and is used by fulfilment houses to consolidate Clean Mail and Standard tariff items.

Full Mailroom Logistics

SMA Worldwide Ltd can sort all your internal mail and even provide a mail screening service for your receiving mail.

Your outgoing mail can be collected, processed and franked for mailing.

We can print, sort and send out your mailshots UK-wide and Worldwide.

Envelope Printing Services for Bulk and Bespoke Mailings

For large senders using our Secured Sort Service (mainly more than 4,000 items per day), we can print and now we can even spray the delivery addresses and relevant indicia onto your envelopes for your convenience.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Every single Account with SMA Worldwide is allocated a dedicated customer service manager along with a team that works on the proviso that your consignments are constantly being monitored at all times throughout the day and that you have one direct point of contact with whom you can correspond.

SMA Worldwide are able to offer clients a highly attractive and alternative solution to their Courier and Logistic needs. Our service streams cover every requirement from documents and small parcels to heavy freight, from Aruba to Zambia and everything in between.

Other Services

So many options, all under one roof. If you have an account, simply click on Client Zone and continue benefiting from the world class service. Otherwise please select Contact Us and join the hundreds of others who are enjoying incredible Courier and Logistics.

Live and Dedicated 24/7 Online Booking and Tracking Facility 100%
Account Opening Process setup and complete within 24 Hours 100%
Fully ISO Accredited, FORS Approved, Palletways Platinum 100%
Peace of mind from time of collection to final delivery point 100%